Saturday, October 14, 2006


This is the first poem I ever wrote. It came to life after a very tragic event in my life back in 2001. My father has passed away only 3 days before his birthday. Has he been alive now, he would be 72 years old. I wrote this poem 3 months after he passed away.

I can safely say that this poem had lead me to express myself a lot in writing later on. The feeling I had after I wrote this poem was a feeling of relief and satisfaction. Relief that I was finally able to let those sad feelings out, and a satisfaction that I've learned to express myself in a form of poetry, something I was interested to discover.

* * *

Yearning for existence
A warm palm en-shivering my cold flesh
Like the thrill of a first kiss

His wounded misty eyes
Remind me of a lonely bird
Searching for a nest, a hometown
In my eyes

With all his quivering soft touches
Shaking me like an earthquake
and setting my heart wondering
When the collapse will take place

Fingers, creeping and tremoring
Like an infant reaching for a motherly
embrace, the world
Or the after-world

Loose grippings, yet cautious
Envision a father's picture and his caressing eyes,
Carefully holding a new-born

The looks, foggy and fuzzy
Like an aimless, disoriented arrow
Locating a destination, miraculously

Alas! An evaporated muse that was
That once set my soul commencing
Yet, aborting his mission,
and leaving me alone

December 17, 2001


Anonymous Arda said...

*sigh* This is very deep.

1:42 PM

Anonymous DoDo said...

Not that I experienced the loss of a dear one, and not that I claim to be wise and preachy, but I truly believe that one should keep that invisible intangible connection vivid with deceased beloved ones …

Each and every one of us manages to keep the old memories alive in one way or another.. Some resort to writing down poems or reflections like you did, others go to places that hold unforgettable good moments, or simply do things that used to make the deceased happy in their lives…
I once heard a nice line in one of those series "Why mourn or grieve? Look at your photo albums... only those moments captured in them are worth remembering, coz they sum up to the only genuine happy times of your life..." so keep skimming through yours...

P.S: a catchy poem indeed

2:36 PM


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