Monday, October 16, 2006

اسكندريللا كمان و كمان

A few evenings ago I went to another concert by Eskendrella in Sawy Sakya. They usually play songs for Shaikh Imam, Sayid Darwish, and other songs written by Salah Jahin, Fouad Haddad, and Ahmed Fouad Negm. Whenever I listen to this group I feel my love for Egypt intensifying and soaring high.

The songs they play describe Egypt and its people during previous decades where there was so much nationalism around and people were feeling more responsible for their country than currently -- or so I hear. These songs describe Egypt during a time when I wasn's even alive, but they make me wish to have lived it.

This is a very mighty song written by Ahmed Fouad Negm. The way the group was singing it was so amazing.. powerful, meaningful, and very passionate and full of courage. All the audience was reacting very passionately to the song.. and their stomping feet on the floor made me feel that all these people need a revolution.. a liberating revolution...

شيد قصورك ع المزارع
من كدنا وعمل إدينا
والخمارات جنب المصانع
والسجن مطرح الجنينه

واطلق كلابك في الشوارع
واقفل زنازينك علينا
وقل نومنا في المضاجع
ادي احنا نمنا ما اشتهينا
واتقل علينا بالمواجع
احنا اتوجعنا واكتفينا

وعرفنا مين سبب جراحنا
وعرفنا روحنا والتقينا
عمال وفلاحين وطلبه
دقت ساعتنا وابتدينا
نسلك طريق ما لهش راجع
والنصر قرب من عنينا
النصر أقرب من إدينا


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