Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blackberry Wine

Chocola, Blackberry Wine, Holy Fools, ... and others. These are books written by Joanne Harris. Almost a week ago I finished reading Blackberry Wine. The nice thing about this book is that while reading it, I could sense a soft and dizzy atmosphere looming in the story, and in my surroundings. It was as if the words in the novel are elating and intoxicating, with a sweet flavor and indulging aura, just like wine.

What added to this atmosphere as well are the talking wine bottles that tell stories about their origins, owners, and how they ended up being in that place! However silly it might sound, this is not a fantasy book! :-) I believe the purpose of the talking bottles was to add more dizziness in the story and to let the reader relate more to the substance being tackled.. which was a very productive approach.

Something else that added to the charm of the atmosphere is the location of this story. The main location is an old farmhouse in Lansquenet, a tiny French town, and in the middle of vineyards and farms. Reading a novel that involves wine and located in a seemingly quiet farming area is quite an experience.

The events start with the author Jack Mackintosh tasting some 1975 home-brewed wine from an old bottle made by Joe, someone he used to know when he was young. This mouthful of wine sends him over a journey and an adventure in France.. an adventure where past and present become one.

Lansquenet is the same town that Juliet Binoch moved to in the events of Chocola.


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