Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Things on my mind..

This is a list of things I'm thinking about currently [briefly]:

- Iraq.. what happened to it after the American invasion in 2003 and up till now, and also the sectarian killings that are tearing it apart into pieces and making the word 'trust' a luxury;

- Palestinians and their ongoing sufferings from what the Israelis do, which include: mass killings, genocides, making their life hard at checkpoints and not allowing them to reach their farming lands, letting them live in poor areas that have major infrastructure problems.. and the list goes on;

- Gamal potentially inheriting Egypt's presidency as if he's inheriting a property from his ailing dad;

- What Hizboallah has done to the Israelis in the recent war and how the Israelis were totally taken by their powerful and solid resistence. After a whole month of fighting from both sides and the repeated Israeli and US announcements that they want to get rid of Hizboallah's weaponry, they couldn't do it. Hassan Nasrallah has proven to be a pain in the a$$ for Israelis;

- The black cloud in Cairo that has been going on for 7 years. I just read an article today mentioning that after 25 years the number of Egyptians who have cancer will be much more than now due to this cloud. Although it has been going on for all this time, the government hasn't taken any action till now;

- How Egypt is passing through some of its hardest times now.. due to both its government and its citiziens. The government that is drowned in corruption, that facilitates the stealing of banks money - through loans - to the rich business men who escape the country.. and the citizens who make Egypt looks like a trash can, who don't respect any kind of laws, and don't even respect each other;

- People are very intolerant to each other and each one thinks that he's on the right side and everyone else is wrong. Not only that, but people also are trying to impose their beliefs and thoughts on the others all the time;

- How I can't see now any positive signs that Egypt is going to improve anytime soon on any dimension...

Kefaya ba2a...

Today is the second day of Eid el-Fitr. Kul sana wento tayebeen...


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