Sunday, November 19, 2006


... is our universal and romantic love the same as our love for seasons.. does it come and go like the weather changes.. today we can love summer.. with its heat and fun-loving mood.. with swimming in salty healing water and getting exposed to the tanning sun rays that turn our skins to attractive bronze.. with its outgoing atmosphere that makes us all unable to bear the staying-at-home winter syndrome.. summer, which ignites love stories and extinguishes them with its departure.. as if they were hibernating and waiting for the sun rays and cold sunset breeze to be alive..

.. but when all this starts to leave us.. when the stories end abruptly, or agreeingly.. when the cold breeze is not associated with sunset alone anymore.. and when the sun starts to subside its heat on us and takes her bronze color that she gifted us with during her blazing summer life.. when winter starts to crawl on us like a slowly-progressing enemy..

.. as soon as he arrives in town we salute it by putting more clothes, as if celebrating the coming of a winning army with their decorated army suits.. we start to prefer more cozy gatherings.. coffee producers start to have sky-rocket profit margins.. is it to their interest, or ours? winter, with all its gloomy atmosphere and deadening life style that makes us think twice before going out.. rain, which cleans the streets and cars from dust as if cleansing our souls from our mistakes and sins that we didn't repent yet.. cold and rainy weather.. which makes us hold and rub hands with a lover looking for warmth.. is it physical or spiritual warmth we're aspiring to? or maybe it's just an unconvincing excuse to hold hands and becalm the earthquakes erupting inside us.. or maybe to agitate them again? her eyes tell me stories.. one story is about not believing my excuses.. my eyes shyingly agree.. she smiles.. i smile back.. while still holding her hands.. and playing with her fingertips like a pianist striking the piano keys for the most beautiful musical piece that was ever created..

.. is our love constant, or does it vary with place and time and words.. what do we love more.. the fresh juice with an umbrella on top in summer to keep us brisk.. or the strong coffee in winter keeping us warm..

January 23, 2004


Blogger Everything's Eventual said...

A very interesting piece of writing. I think that our personalities match the seasons, and vary with our preferences. At times we are gentle and kind, other times we are harsh and assertive. We cannot be one thing all the time. Change is a constant part of our lives, and is mirrored into the seasons, and all living creatures. It's even mirrored into our physical appearance.

Our love, accordingly, changes and alters to cope with all the changes that occur around it. But rather it's like energy, it doesn't deplete, it merely changes from one form to another.

2:54 PM

Blogger Khaled said...

I really liked this comment. It shows how something can be constant, yet changing according to the exterior factors..

2:11 PM


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