Thursday, October 26, 2006

Iraq now!

I saw this caricature lately, and I think it fits very well -- unfortunately -- what's going on Iraq now. Sunnis and Shites are fighting each other for power. The Sunnis are afraid to lose their historical control over Iraq, while the majority Shites want to take over the power to themselves becasue they have suffered previously under Saddam (Sunni) and they don't want this to happen again.

With the recent talk about having a country that is divided into 3, we find the Kurds already starting to separate in their northern section, and they recently had their own flag as well. Meanwhile, the south part is dominated by Shites. So most of the current fightings -- almost 90% -- are occurring in the middle section, "in a circle with a 30-KMs diameter from Baghdad", as yesterday the US Commander in Iraq mentioned in a press conference.

To what results these fightings will lead.. this is what the coming weeks will answer...


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