Saturday, November 25, 2006

separate unrelated moments

I wrote this last January, a few days after the year has started. However, it is a timeless post since these little pleasures will always make me content at any given day...

sipping a nicely brewed coffee with the right proportions of ingredients.. a warm and soft hand holding mine in a cold weather.. a nice short poem that speaks of feminine beauty and passionate love.. meeting people that are so tolerant to others.. a tender song that can make me hum and sway.. a cozy and intimate chat with a friend where we share our weaknesses and fantasies and silly stories.. having some tea with mint in a calm atmosphere after a nice meal.. being tucked in bed and reading a nice book that makes me wonder what surprises will be discovered in the next line.. looking at someone's eyes and discovering thrugh their tender looks how much i mean to them.. getting to know new people and finding we have a lot in common regardless of religion, culture, or the way we were brought up.. having an instant same wavelength with someone whom i meet for the first time.. smelling herbs on my way to hussein.. having a warm chat with someone i love until we discover that a very long time has passed so quickly.. remembering some delightful memories from a previous event or trip.. the moment i get tears in my eyes when i feel God's mercy and forgiveness.. thinking of someone and suddenly finding this person calling or emailing me.. the look in a girl's eye after our lips touching and enjoying a long kiss.. walking in the rain and letting some rain drops touch my skin.. sailing in a feluca in summer, at sunset, with a clear sky, and enjoying the night lights of charming cairo.. doing a favor to someone and finding a look of appreciation in their eyes and a pat on my back.. turning on the radio to find my favorite song playing.. walking into a place and finding strangers' eyes looking at me and smiling as if saying: 'i was waiting for you'...

* * *

i'm so at peace with myself tonight, it's unbelieveable! but at least now i know the influence on me of listening to fairouz while tucked in bed with dimmed lights. if i am sane enough i'd say all the experiences and moments above are my new year's resolutions... for them to repeat again and again. i immensely, wholeheartedly, enjoy each and every thing i mentioned above. i'll call this year a year of quality time and precious moments.


Blogger Everything's Eventual said...

Good morning :)

It's weird how some of the things you wrote in this post are similar to mine. I think all humans at some level identify with the same real, genuine moments in their lives.

Thanks for visiting my blog...looking forward to more of your comments :)

9:08 AM

Blogger Khaled said...

I always think that people eventually want mostly the same things to think they're enjoying life.. and they're usually VERY simple and basic things..

Very successful and rich people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.. who have billions of dollars.. after collecting all this money, they now spend much of it on charity works.. makes me think (and believe) that helping others is the source of content and happiness to a many people...?

A bit off-topic I know.. but couldn't keep it in :)

5:00 PM

Anonymous Salma Mostafa said...

You just listed my favorite things in life! touche.. Isn't it amazing how the smallest things, the shortest moments can make you the happiest human being on earth? at least for a second?

6:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wooow.. That's really touching my heart. Khaled, u just listed the most precious moments that i've ever dreamed of. actually anyone can dreamed of. good i told u " u r very very talented" keep it up man ;) n sorry 4 browsing ur profile

Maha Mostafa

11:10 PM

Blogger Khaled said...

Ya Maha.. why sorry? Blogs are all about sharing experiences and thoughts.. I actually expected you leave your blog as well so that I can check it.. that's if you have one! :)

.. and many thanks for your words..

12:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

:( nop, i don't have one walahe ya Khaled.. i just saw ur blog keda by coincidence. bs begad i'm very impressed. u r very very sensitive romantic person. n u don't need 2 thank me i just said the truth n what i felt.. God bless u


12:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drea Khaled, i wanna ask u something n plzz feel free 2 accept it or not..
i wanna visit ur blog from time 2 time 2 check if u post anything new.. of course if u don't mind.
i know it's something between u & ur friends but i'm really interesting we have alot of commons..
can u plz, let me know if u post anything new law ma3ndaksh mane3 ya3nee!!??
Kind regards..
Maha Mostafa..

5:23 PM

Blogger Khaled said...

Ya Maha.. of course you can visit the blog whenever you want.. I'm not doing it only for my friends anyway.. anyone in cyberspace is free to look at it and read the posts.. and you're not an exception.

The problem is I haven't posted anything on it since very long.. so you will have to wait for long before you see anything new :)

7:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks ya khaled that's really kind of u. n i'm hardly waiting 2 read ur new posts. but what's take u soo long ya man??

8:15 PM


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