Thursday, December 28, 2006


Whenever I feel sad, somber, or out of tune.. or whenever I'm in a calm mood, I come home to my room, turn on some dimmed lights.. light up some incense.. play some light music.. and in a few seconds my mind starts thinking of many random and various things..

Sitting in this atmosphere now, I can only think of one thing.. yet my mind has never been such congested and confused..


Anonymous nousha said...

How can u concentrate on one thought and yet your mind is congested and confused??

9:08 AM

Blogger DoDo said...

I believe that when one is wandering amid any of those "melancholic" states, and has set his own meditation atmosphere, he shouldn't actually be thinking of anything!
Dimmed lights, played music, dark curtains, lit candles, or whatever conditions that help put the mind in peace, shouldn't be ruined by thinking! Give ur brain cells a break and think of.... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.. sometimes u just need to brush out all the thoughts, both the bright and the dark ones
coz u deserve this time out....

5:01 PM

Blogger Khaled said...

Nousha.. if this thought is very sensitive, vital, and important to you, then it will contain you and maybe cripple you as well.. because you're considering it with all your senses..

2:37 AM

Blogger Khaled said...

dodo.. I couldn't agree more with you! Sometimes this thinking of many things ends up being thinking of nothing.. or lack of thinking.. and yes I do deserve this time out.. :)

2:39 AM

Anonymous Salma Mostafa said...

Add a good book to that and you got yourself a quality little evening.. least that's what i do :)

6:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

memories of days gone by...moments lost in time...passion & pain of lives past - knowing you cannot beat the years , retrieve a moment or regret what cannot be recaptured - thats melancholie to me
Ali Jon

9:00 PM


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