Monday, February 05, 2007

cruel honesty

They say: "Honesty sets your free". Unfortunately, this statement could never be further from the truth that I know. Honesty can very well imprison, paralyze, and burn you.. without receiving anything you wish for in return, without getting any empathy from others, and without even anyone noticing your affliction..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. Honesty, far from being the best policy, is wildly overrated in my opinion. You can hurt others and yourself by being too honest, or honest at the wrong time.

1:22 AM

Blogger Khaled said...

Anony: you're absolutely right! Do we know each other!? :)

1:26 AM

Blogger DoDo said...

"Al sedqo manga"
I wonder how many times I heard this quote, and only in the 1000th time that I realized it's a "trap" more than a way out !

Others' advice: there's always a work around... don't be blunt... ya benti mesh lazem t2ooli lel a3war a3war fe 3eino... u can say it in a nicer and more slicky way...
and yeah they were right ! sometimes taking detours is better than the strait way...

el sedq manga ah, bas law el denya sheta wel manga mesh mawgooda, ne3mel eh ba2a? :)

11:13 PM

Blogger سامية said...

Actually ya Khaled, I think honesty is relative... no one said you need to be rude ya3ni bass I think honesty does set you free. Not in the sense that it makes your life any better.. but when you're honest with people, you usually sleep better at night and feel better about yourself. I think the problem is: that proverb is usually used in the wrong context. Ya3ni honesty doesn't set you free masalan if you think someone's ugly and you say it out loud! But it certainly does set you free in many other situations. In relationships in particular... if you're not honest to the person you're sharing your life with, you can never be true happy, i.e. truely free :)

And that's just my humble analysis! lol :-D

9:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personally prefer to know the truth!I'm always blunt, and sometimes I can be cruel, but people who know me well, appreciate this about me, and I can take the truth, even if it hurts!(I am actually very honest with the people I like only, if it's someone I don't like I don't bother say what I think anyways! I'll just be nodding like an idiot! which is not nessesarly right!).

8:48 PM

Anonymous Salma Mostafa said...

I beleive honesty is relative too.. It does set you free, unless you use it at the wrong time.. Because then you might hurt people or yourself..
Since honesty usually gets you in trouble, i think you need to have a strategy and plan when to use it and when to "defer" it to some other more convenient time.. But you have to release it eventually - instead of just lying. Coz the truth does set you free and lets any worries out.. Having to keep something inside can eat you out..

6:21 PM

Blogger بنت الحياه said...

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See u there!

1:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Bibi said...

I believe the proverb you use is incomplete. This is how it's known to me: "The truth will set you free. But first it will make you miserable". It made me laugh out loud when I first read it, cause I've felt like that a time or two.. ;-)).
Also, it's where I agree with you. The truth can cause a lot of damage. Nevertheless I think when asked for it, the truth should always be told. If not, the suspicion that something important has been swept under the carpet will grow and grow like a weed. And finally suffocate.

Truth does hurt. But in the end, you'll adapt. That's human nature.

7:07 PM


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