Saturday, January 06, 2007


I wrote this poem back in September 2003..



Longing for a prima donna's untamed hair
Flying over my shoulders and sleeping between my fingertips
Reciting a love poem for how much she loves to be confined in me
Listening to my heartbeats repeating her name

Longing for our long talks
About those faithful, and those not
Difference in accents and pronounce
When we say 'small' or 'boat'

Her name is full of light, guidance, and bravery
For those who lack any
Her logic is unbeatable
When establishing the thoughts of intimacy, love, and faith
Crashing the non-existing laws of each to null

Longing for her fingers mingling with mine in peace
Telling them lovely bedtime stories with happy endings
With my lips kissing her forehead and palms
To narrate my adoration to her presence

Longing for the look in her eyes
To see all the colors that nature has ever exhibited
For the kiss on her lips
When mine and hers promise each other not to be parted

Longing to sing her our song
While having the most beautiful walk of my life
For her way when saying pathetic things like 'good morning'
As if announcing the most important speech in history to free humankind

Longing to dance with her again
And hold her hands like a holy book
Swaying gently left and right
Praying that the moment never passes us

Longing to read Jubran for her ears
Speaking of marriage and its forever-young child named 'happiness'
Of the heavenly wine that God pours
From a man's eyes to a woman's heart

Longing for her chest caressing my back
Her alabaster arms cuddling my neck
With her eyes peeking over my shoulders
Showing me the way ahead

Seven wonders.. seven sins.. seven days
My favourite number keeps flashing everywhere
And today it is reaffirmed

All what's left now is irreplaceable memories,
Gifted treasures helping me discover my own treasure,
And an eight-month picture of the most beautiful angel
That God has ever sent to me

Longing to kill this longing
And be with her again.. and again

September 11, 2003


Blogger DoDo said...


Just when our faith in a rosy romantic world begins to fade away amid rigidness of practical life, some magical and gentle words –like urs- rise up firmly… challenging the bitterness of daily routine, & reclaiming the right to breathe in love…again

I pretty much liked the dreamy image of swaying with ur lover holding her delicately, respectfully like a holy book… reciting those mystical words of passion

The whole wistful feeling strolling from one magnificent state to the other, successfully released the trapped feelings within… feelings of yearning and desire for a fanatical encounter with the beloved….

Congrats man… and be careful with those words :)

* a deeper sigh*………

1:15 AM

Blogger Khaled said...

While I wrote those words in celebration of a beautiful encounter, I'm also pleased that they act as words of optimism for others. This is the nth time that I receive feedback such as: "your words make me believe in love again", either on this poem or other experiences.. and you have NO idea how content and fulfilled this makes me feel! While it's rare to find someone who wasn't hurt by love, this kind of feedback makes me feel that I wasn't hurt enough to stop believing in love. I will keep believing in it because I do know that it exists and will never vanish as long as there're still people living around us..

1:20 PM

Anonymous Salma Mostafa said...


6:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, i just wanna say "that's really amazing"..i like it soooo much.. u r very very talented... God bless u.


10:03 PM

Blogger Toka said...

Can I know the nationality of your loved one?! I had similar emotions to a German lady
Very Very similar hopeless experience!

9:33 PM

Blogger Khaled said...

Toka, I can assure you she's not German :)

9:52 AM

Blogger Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...


I dont often enjoy poetry... but found myself reading this from start to finish, and then again.

a definate ray out of the shadows!

thank you.

6:41 PM


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